How clean can Music be?

Video Interview von German Tech mit Jacob Bilabel

The relationship between climate change and music has finally caught the attention of the media and made headlines in recent years. Notably with big names, such as Massive Attack, for example, committing to a project to map out the CO2 of the industry or Coldplay announcing a touring stop until 100% Co2 neutrality can be met. Everything might be put on hold due to CoVID-19, but we’re still curious about how “clean” can music really become? What is realistic now and where can we go? On our discovery to better understand sustainability within music and tech, we get to sit down with Jacob Sylvester Bilabel, founder of the pan-European Green Music Initiative (GMI), who in his own right is THE sustainability expert in the industry – strutting nearly 20 years of industry experience and actively shaping a green and smart music ecosystem – we are proud to have him join us to ask these big questions and run through some real and interesting hands-on projects pertaining to impact sustainability and the music industry.